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OMS Contributor Documentation

Welcome! This wiki is intended for contributors to the Open Mustard Seed project. If you're developing apps on top of OMS, utilizing OMS technology in your apps, or just interested in what Open Mustard Seed is, please skip ahead to our OMS Application Developer Documentation.


Are you a new OMS contributor? Start by setting up your environment and exploring the source code:

Development and Documentation

Please review the following to help us maintain a best practices environment.

All development led by ID3 is orchestrated through the Redmine project management web app, see our Guide to Redmine to understand how you can best participate. Through Redmine we organize sprints, lay out our roadmap, track the details of our work, and create initial design and implementation proposals.

Getting help

While this wiki is publicly available, mainly to give the community a view into what we strive for, you will find additional details within our private Redmine deployment. Please see our system administrator for details. Otherwise, we always welcome pull requests and issue submissions on ID3's GitHub.

Need real-time help? Join us in the #oms IRC channel on freenode.